School Assignment: Pollution in the Air – A Local and Global Concern

1.   Air Emission Overview

As the booming in industrialisation and shipping industries have taken place in last few decades, the use of fossil fuel or Hydrocarbon has also increased drastically. The fossil fuel consists of Hydrogen, Carbon and Sulphur which, when burnt, turn into water vapour, CO2 and CO, various kinds of Sulphur Oxides (SOx), and during the burning process with air it produces Nitrogen Oxides (NOx).

Except the water vapour the other flue products are mainly toxic and some of them contribute to reduction of the Oxygen level in the air.

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Supporting STEM at Schools

Visit was made to Kingsley Primary and Secondary Schools in Leamington, Warwickshire. The purpose of the visit was to consider establishing pilot Imagineering Club and as to this can integrate with the schools own STEM/STEAM efforts. Professor Bob Shanks (Imagineering Coordinator) and Professor Reza Ziarati (C4FF Chairman) visited the schools and had discussions with key members of staff involving STEM/STEAM.


Visit to Kingsley School, from right to left Professor Ziarati, Jo Prosser, Rachel Whiting & Professor Shanks.

Coventry Godiva Festival

Coventry Godiva Festival is billed as the UK’s biggest free family music festival and is now in its 19th year. Based in the city’s historic War Memorial Park, the three-day event offers great live music, family entertainment, international food and drink, craft village and children’s fun fair!
Organised by Coventry City Council with the support of partners, the festival prides itself on offering the best of Coventry and Warwickshire backed up by top national artists and performers. Continue reading »

Visit to the Imagineer Productions

On Tuesday 21st March Professor Ziarati and his assistant, Maria Veligrantaki, visited the Imagineer Productions workplace based in Coventry to find out more about what they are doing and their plans for the future. Jane Hytch gave us a good summary of their work and showed us some of the projects they were working as well as talking to us about some their past projects. While the visit lasted only an hour it was very informative about their work and plans. Continue reading »

The engineering gap – BBC report

A recent BBC report has highlighted the need for creating awareness among children at the very earlier stage which is inline with INSPIRE project idea about Introducing STEM in schools to encourage children to study STEM in their high studies. BBC has reported that women make up around just 8% of engineers in the UK. To read full report, click here.