The INSPIRE partners have agreed to come together and create this new hub for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) Initiatives in the Coventry and Warwickshire region. The INSPIRE partners include local Universities, businesses and charities all focused on supporting the STEAM industries through engaging with children, young people and parents in the region through interactive, formal and non-formal events and initiatives.

Our aim is to work with STEAM initiatives, whatever their size or shape, to focus on inspiring children, young people and their teachers and parents to see the benefits of STEAM and to open up new worlds of possibility by making the subjects more accessible and less intimidating.

Our approach is to utilise the ‘learning by discovery’ method that is particularly effective in engaging children through practical and hand-on experiments, trips and shows coupled with personal development courses for teachers and parents to build confidence, in and understanding of, STEAM subjects and the opportunities they can bring for children.

We pledge to collaborate to create a joined up approach to STEAM initiatives in the region, with the INSPIRE Group as the central hub. We welcome new partners to our group and are always looking for new idea’s and approaches to further benefit the STEAM provision in the region.

The INSPIRE partners have also agreed that they will work together to secure UK and EU funding to support their work and to learn from and implement good practices from other UK regions and EU countries, and even to implement our good practices abroad. Summaries of all funding proposals will be included in our Publications page.

For more information about the INSPIRE Group, our activities, or our funding applications please contact Professor Reza Ziarati @